Dally the Singalongz Duck


Do you own a rubber ducky that you use during your bath times? That is certainly something cute, as it harkens back to those pleasant and memorable childhood moments, no? Well, now that you are all grown up and have the kind of disposable income to purchase some of the stuff that you want to without having to wonder whether there is enough left over for dinner for the family or not, perhaps it is time you consider the £26.49 Dally the Singalongz Duck.

This is part of an award-winning interactive soft toy range, where Singalongz will be able to talk, sing and play with you using a special microphone. Whenever you sing or talk into the microphone, the Singalongz will then mimic what it hears, although it will do so humorously in its own inimitable voice. All you need to do is press the star on its hand to awaken it, and be entertained. There are different animals to choose from, such as Cobey the bear, Me-me the cat, and Ruftey the dog.

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