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I am a firm believer that every person should have at the very least one timepiece that they can be proud of to wear around their wrist. Of course, if you were to dive into the high end world of Rolex, Piaget and Patek, that would burn more than just a huge hole in your pocket, you could in fact be wearing a car on your wrist, with some cash to spare to boot. With the $199.95 Orbiting Rings Watch, this is one timepiece that allows you to make a serious fashion statement without ending up in serious debt.

It will also add to your intellectual look, considering how time is shown via a couple of orbiting rings. There are no hour, minute, or second hands, and neither is there a numerical dial for you to fall back on, but thankfully, learning how to tell the time with this puppy is not too difficult, and with a little bit of practice, it will end up as second nature to you. A pair of concentric rings will create an ever-changing pattern of contrasting gradient color as time progresses, and the entire timepiece features a mineral crystal face and encircled by a bezel with marks for each hour. The outer ring will display the minutes while the inner ring displays the hours, where the leading edge of each will then advance in a clockwise motion in order to indicate the passage of time. It comes enclosed by a 316L stainless steel case that offers water resistance down to 100′.

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Bronco Billy Says: December 28, 2012 at 5:48 pm

Very expensive for just the time and not even a date?

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