Blimp iPhone Fan


For folks living in countries where there are four seasons, isn’t it great to know that the heat turns up only when summer arrives? As for others who live in tropical climates, or even worse, in the desert areas, then you have only two seasons – hot, and hotter. Which is why an iPhone accessory such as the $12.99 Blimp iPhone Fan is ideal for everyone, as you are bound to run into moments when the mercury shoots up and it gets unbearably hot, and that miserly boss of yours does not want to turn up the air conditioner’s speed while lowering the temperature, citing operational costs affecting the organization’s bottomline.

Fret not, the Blimp iPhone Fan is here to the rescue, where it will plug into the data port of your iPhone, iPad or iPod in order to deliver a nice gust of air that blows your way. Being tiny and compact, you are able to tote it with you just about anywhere you go, even when you are not going to use it. Turning on and off the Blimp iPhone Fan is a snap, all it requires is a single push of the button, and the fan operates on its internal battery, so you need not replace the battery when it is dead, as it draws juice to recharge from your iDevice. You should be able to coax half a dozen hours of use from the Blimp iPhone Fan on a full charge.

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