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Star Trek Webcam


When it comes to two of the more successful space operas around, Star Trek and Star Wars have their set of fans, although the former does have more material to fall back upon since it has movies as well as a back catalogue of TV shows to fall upon, while Star Wars folklore consists of just half a dozen movies, some computer games and a number of novels. I am not going to take sides as to which is the better franchise, as each of them has their own merit, but one thing’s for sure – both of them are cash cows which have yet to be fully milked. Case in point, the £39.95 Star Trek Webcam, allowing you to communicate with aliens. Wait a minute, I meant, your friends, right in front of your computer.

Voice control for computers are not quite on the same level as that of the USS Enterprise just yet, so you will still have to do your fair share of button clicking and typing, but to have the USS Enterprise webcam hover above your computer screen is definitely a statement of intent, and it tells the rest of the world just which sci-fi series you prefer. The USS Enterprise Starship webcam is a plug and play USB device, and comes with an adjustable flex so that you can set it up easily, while the engine nacelles light up when plugged in with the deflector dish holding the focusable camera for that touch of realism.

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