The Only Perfect Temperature Electric French Press

You know, when you have a device that costs close to a Benjamin with a name that goes like this, “The Only Perfect Temperature Electric French Press”, you would surely expect quite a lot from it, don’t you think so? After all, there is the word “perfect” thrown into the mix, so expectations should run pretty high if you are on the lookout for a French press that churns out that perfectly brewed cup of coffee. Surely if the brew turns out otherwise, you might want to look for the culprit elsewhere – like the quality of coffee beans, perhaps?
The Only Perfect Temperature Electric French Press has been touted to be the only French press of its kind that will automatically brew coffee at the perfect temperature for rich, flavorful coffee. It will not be as clumsy as the imprecise heating that happens with a kettle, as this device will work to heat water to between 197° F and 204° F, ensuring that the temperature hovers within that range all the time so that you can extract optimal flavor from beans, followed by transferring the hot water to the French press so that your tongue can dance across the bouquets of flavor that bursts from this pot of coffee. Sporting a durable borosilicate glass body, this bad boy can hold up to 4 cups of coffee, and will be accompanied by a stainless steel plunger and screen.