All Your Bartending Tools in One


During busy times of entertaining friends and family we all become master bartenders. No one ever seems to want the same drink, so you become a mixologist. You get lemons, limes, oranges, spices and herbs involved. The bar resembles a hoarders home. And you need more tools in the arsenal to make the perfect drinks.
Arm yourself for the holidays or any days where you find yourself playing master of the bar. The Bar10der provides a 10-in-1 bar tool to conquer about anyone’s needs – “the ultimate at-home bartending tool” as they refer to it.  Think of it as a Swiss Army Knife for the bar. First off you have some of the more obscure and lesser used tools: a muddler to crush things, reamer to get freshly squeezed juice into the mix, channel knife for creating twists, and a zester for your citrus. Also included are more common devices: a jigger to measure ½ or 1 ounce pours, expandable stirring tool, 4” knife, corkscrew, bottle opener and strainer. With all 10 tools there should be no drink in the book you cannot conquer. This Bar10der runs $49.99 at and is available in four colors. The site also feature some fun drink ideas to put your tool to use.