Star Wars Death Star Planetarium


I know that when it comes to the world of science fiction, things work differently where the laws of physics are concerned. Still, something as large as the Death Star in the Star Wars trilogy (the original one before Jar Jar Binks was introduced to the dismay of the universe) would not have passed the safety design school and laws of today, considering how one could leave a crucial weakness of the structure exposed to the flight path of a photon torpedo, let alone the version after that allowing enough leeway for a starfighter to fly through to its core and detonating it. Well, we are not talking about engineering structures today, but rather, would want to give you an opportunity to learn more about space thanks to the £24.99 Star Wars Death Star Planetarium.

With the Star Wars Death Star Planetarium, you will be able to turn a darkened room into a Star Wars galaxy, where this 2-in-1 tabletop Death Star will open up to reveal a planetary projector which lights up and displays either the Star Wars galaxy with planet names should you want your imagination to run wild, or to have it project Earth’s night sky. Switching between the two is a cinch, while the included cover ensures that your room returns to normal as it fits over the top of the planetarium. The Star Wars Death Star Planetarium is not powered by a core reactor, but rather, just a trio of AA batteries are required, and it will not have the destructive power to obliterate planets, so fret not. I wonder if the erased Kamino system is displayed or not…

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