The Medication Safe


It goes without saying that any responsible adult would want to do his or her part to ensure that all medication is kept safe and away, out of reach of little children who are far more intelligent and inquisitive than you give them credit for. Of course, keeping your medication with the rest of your valuables in a safe does not make that much sense, but how about a safe which was purposely built to fulfill such a destiny? This is where the $79.95 Medication Safe comes in handy, where it is small enough to fit into a standard issue medicine cabinet, while ensuring that the rest of your prescription will remain safe and sound.

The Medication Safe comes with an interior that measures 113″ cu., where it can hold up to seven 4″-tall bottles within a steel-fortified ABS/nylon composite case. The safe itself comes with recessed, concealed hinges and a couple of 1/2″-diameter locking steel door bolts so that no unauthorized access will occur. It will open only using biometric security – nah, I am kidding, the Medication Safe opens only with the included key, and since it is less than 4″ deep, it bodes well for unobtrusive storage within a medicine cabinet, drawer, or on a nightstand. Each purchase comes with pre-drilled holes, while the included hardware is sufficient for one to mount the safe to a wall, shelf, or countertop.

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