I-MEGO announces ZTONE in-ear earphones

Wearing a pair of earphones or headphones might be something that many of us take for granted each day, and I am quite sure that you have a brand that you would swear upon, and even put your life on the line to testify to its effectiveness in pumping your favorite tracks to your brain, be it to keep you in “the zone” when you exercise, or simply to help tide you through a difficult moment in your life. Well, if you are not too particular about the kind of earphones you should own, then perhaps we might be able to interest you in the ZTONE in-ear earphones from I-MEGO?
The ZTONE in-ear earphones will rely on a patent-pending design that is meant to deliver a professional monitor-like fit, and it will come with custom-molded ear gels which will adjust to an individual’s unique ear cavity so that it can deliver an exceptionally secure, comfortable fit. I suppose this would work well across listeners of all ages, and you can choose from a quartet of different sized gels in order to figure out the perfect match so as to fill the ear and lock in your tunes. You could say that the ZTONE in-ear earphones has been specially created for the hardcore music fan, professional and amateur DJs, and audiophiles, harmonizing easily with just about any music or style.
Pronounced as “stone,” the ZTONE in-ear earphones is also clearly built for superior clarity and bass with a pair of 10mm speaker drivers, 20-20,000 Hz frequency, 16 ohms impedance, and 105 ± 5dB. The use of braided cables made from genuine silver to deliver impeccable audio to the studio-tuned monitors also work great in tangle prevention, and with additional silicone fittings, stereo and airplane adapters, and a durable metal carrying case, it makes for a compelling purchase.
You will be able to check out the ZTONE in-ear earphones at CES that is happening in just a fortnight’s time, and it has also picked up the gong as a 2013 CES Innovations Honoree. At $99.99 a pop, this does seem to shape up to be a pretty decent purchase, even as a present for yourself to start the new year on a right note.
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