Spycam HD Video Pen Camera

Do you feel that the advancements made in the world of video recording has seen us being “treated” to more and more video leaks, especially of celebrities in rather embarrassing or compromising situations? Well, I suppose they had it coming for not being faithful in their relationship or marriage, but that is not what we are focused on today. I would like to bring your attention to a device that turns you into a sleuth of your own, thanks to the discrete looking $39.99 Spycam HD Video Pen Camera that allows you to spy in High Definition glory, and in style, too.
The Spycam HD Video Pen Camera is pretty much self explanatory – it will come with an integrated video camera within the classy looking office pen, and a single battery charge is capable of offering up to 2 hours of recording, with 8GB of storage space being made available to the user. It is a snap to operate, and will be able to hook up to your computer thanks to the built-in USB connector. All video captured will be shown in the AVI format, and if you do not want to capture video, you can always record audio evidence of hanky panky going on, in addition to shooting stills, now how about that?

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  1. YES amazon has multiple video pens as well as pens that take pictures simply search up spy pen on amazon they are from 10-80 $ also I would recommend checking out ThinkGeek who carries this pen for under 40$

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