Hands Free Wine Aerator

When you talk about a hands-free device, most of the time, our minds would drift towards something like a Bluetooth headset. After all, we all know just how dangerous can it be not only to ourselves, but to other road users as well if we were to use one hand to hold the steering wheel, and the other the smartphone. Well, here is a hands-free device that you might want to consider for parties and gatherings in your home, especially when you love to have some wine with your meals – the $79.95 Hands Free Wine Aerator would certainly be worth calling upon.
The Hands Free Wine Aerator is a decanter with an adapter which will hold a bottle that has been inverted in order to quickly aerate wine, while leaving it in a hands-free situation. It will be different from the other traditional aerating methods which take up the better part of two hours, as this decanter will immediately begin to soften the tannins and taste of alcohol while enhancing the fruity and floral notes. Thanks to Its broad, flask-like base, it will deliver a large, enclosed surface area which gently releases a vintage’s subtle character as the wine runs down the decanter’s interior. Made from lead-free mouth-blown crystal, it can hold up to 1 1/2 liters of wine.