Tech Fails of 2012

Late December not only means Christmas, it means recaps of what happened this year. Best movies, best music, best technology…worst technology. The Gadget Lab at Wired is back again with their top 10 Tech Fails of the Year. And the winner is…
Apple’s iOS 6 Maps. Yes, Apple wins many of the “best of” competitions. But their cartography blunder puts them on the other end of Wired’s list. Aside from putting landmarks in the wrong spots, not showing roads and distorting images there were more serious situations due to the map program. Like law enforcement officials in Australia warning travelers to not use iOS 6 Maps after numerous visitors were wrongly directed into a desolate part of the desert. Let us rejoice this holiday season that the Google maps app is available!
RIM made the list too – for the ongoing delays in the launch of Blackberry 10. Other technology fails called out Nokia’s valiant attempt at a comeback and downward spiral of Zynga. And of course the lack of use of 3-D television. Sure, many are being sold, but how much programming are people really watching? Read the entire article of 2012’s Tech Fails for a smile. Who knows? Maybe 2013 can out-do this list!