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There are smartphone cases, and then there are smartphone cases. If you are looking for something unique to stuff your spanking new iPhone into, then you would not be able to go wrong with the Mirrorcase for iPhone. After all, what more can you ask for in a protective case that also doubles up with an extension of an angled mirror? Basically, this embedded mirror is not meant for you to check out your pearly whites after a meal with a hot date to make sure that there are no bits and pieces of food stuck inside, but rather, the angled mirror allows you to snap photos of other folks without having to be in the direct line of sight of your subject matter. When you do not see the back of your handset aimed at people, then folks would not get suspicious, and will continue to act naturally.

There is one thing however, don’t you think that folks will feel that something is just not quite right when they take a look at the Mirrorcase, simply because there is this unsightly bulge at the back? Surely your mates would ask you if they could have a look at it, and upon discovering what the angled mirror is for through simple deduction, they might just reel back, aghast in horror and start to wonder for just how long you’ve been a pervert.

Once all those thoughts pass through their minds, and they become conscious of all the moments in the past when hanging out with you and then performing some sort of unsavory physical act that could have gotten captured on a camera via the Mirrorcase, they would then turn to you and ask where they can get the Mirrorcase for iPhone themselves.

The Mirrorcase for iPhone will not cost too much, at $49.95 a pop, and I would be careful with it if I were you, as mirrors generally don’t react too well to drops.

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Latest Gadget Trends Says: December 21, 2012 at 9:58 am

How much is this iPhone mirror case?

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