Self-Portraits With Ease


Check out the pictures on your phone. I am willing to bet that you have at least one self-portrait. Maybe it is you, or maybe you and someone else. But you know that look. Your arm is outstretched to one side and you are usually not centered. Don’t get me wrong, the ‘flip’ option some phone cameras has helps. But you still have to stretch your arm out to get the photo. Not really a natural pose.

What all self-portrait takers need is a Remote Shutter from Gizmon. Compatible with iPhone 3GS through 5, iPad2 and new iPad and iPod touch (gen. 4+) – simply plug in to the headphone jack and you can remotely click away. The button looks like an old film roll and is available in red, green or yellow for $23 on Amazon. The retractable cord enables you to stretch out if needed too. Gizmon also offers a variety of old school camera looking iPhone cases, which the shutter is also compatible with if you want to go real retro. So take your self-portraits with ease and make yourself look natural. Or if using a tripod set things up and snap like a pro. But don’t strain and stretch to take the pictures.

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