Lifeproof for iPhone 5

So you have decided to take the plunge and settle for the iPhone 5 as your smartphone of choice. What would the next step be? Why, picking up a protective case for it, of course. After all, there is no need to worry about tiny scratches, knocks, and perhaps the accidental drop when you have your iPhone 5 safely stashed away in a decent case, and the folks over at Firebox decided that this Christmas would be far better for your iPhone 5 if it were to be stored in the £59.99 Lifeproof for iPhone 5, where you can choose from black or white colors.
No longer do you need to make the difficult choice between a slim and stylish case that looks just great cosmetically but does not deliver any kind of protection, or from a chunky and cumbersome case that makes your iPhone 5 more or less disaster proof, but looks like a tough nut to crack? Well, such a compromise is an issue any more, as the £59.99 Lifeproof for iPhone 5 is said to be able to protect your mobile from drops, knocks and splashes.

1 thought on “Lifeproof for iPhone 5”

  1. While the case does protect your phone, good luck if you need any kind of service. If you DO get through by telephone, plan on a loooong wait. I don’t know how long it takes, since I hung up after 45 minutes on hold. The company also suggests that you contact them by email and just wait for THEM to call YOU. Who does business like that in 2012! Look to some other company if you want great customer service, it ain’t happening with Lifeproof, where the customer is always wrong!

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