Neogeo X Gold limited edition to roll out this week


Back in the days when the SNES and Sega Genesis were duking it out on the home video game console front, there were some other side players that you might be able to recall if you think hard enough. How about Atari’s Jaguar, Panasonic’s 3DO and the Neogeo to boot? Well, you can more or less say that Atari has long since quit the hardware business and focused just on video games alone, but the same cannot be said of Neogeo. Well, this time round we have the Neogeo X Gold limited edition that is set to be delivered to the mass market later this week.

Tommo, Inc. has partnered with SNK PLAYMORE, and hence decided to announce the Neogeo X Gold Limited Edition entertainment system that will be made available via select online retailers across North America and Europe later this week. In order to help celebrate the release of the Neogeo X Gold limited edition as well as the 20th anniversary of the Neogeo console, Tommo has come up with an epic trailer in order to support the launch of the highly anticipated system while rousing up public interest.

The Neogeo X Gold limited edition is basically a two-in-one system which will not only function as a handheld game console, but it also works equally well as a home arcade entertainment system, where it will be accompanied by the Neogeo X Arcade Stick and the Neogeo X Station, where the latter is a replica of the Neogeo AES console which paved the way for memorable Neogeo titles to be enjoyed on a big screen format – never mind if it is over a monitor or via HDMI or composite cable.

The Neogeo X Gold Limited Edition will comprise of a 4.3″ LCD display, stereo speakers, 16:9 and 4:3 display options, and it comes pre-loaded with 20 classic Neogeo AES games. Any takers?

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Coyote Says: December 18, 2012 at 12:06 pm

Only if it’s insanely over priced and runs a handful of games that will later be ported to much more common hardware with little to no loss in graphic quality.

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