Look Over Here Please

Tis the season to take a ton of pictures. Whether a Christmas card photo, office party candid shots or memories of the kids opening gifts, odds are you are taking plenty pictures in the next weeks.
What on Earth works to get a small child’s attention when trying to snap a photo? If there are two of you trying then perhaps one can offer the crazy hand motions and noises to grab their attention. But taking a picture while solo often sacrifices the quality of the image simply so you can throw your hand in the air to make the little one look. Try the Look Lock® System next time. This articulated arm easily attaches via cold shoe mount to any DSLR. The universal phone mount at the end grips your smart phone. Then just pull up content that will keep the child looking and you’ll have your photo before you know it. Look Lock has other uses too. How about teleprompting during a video shoot? Or maybe you want a monitor to see photos as they are taken. Simply bend the unit in the direction you want to see your phone. Look Lock’s come in 7” and 11” versions, at $45 and $50 respectively. Both are available at TetherTools website. Whether you are an amateur or a pro, a tool like the Look Lock provides one more way to perfect pics.