MobileMount+ makes mounting gadgets a snap

Here’s a quick question for you to ponder over – so you already own a DSLR or a compact digital camera and a smartphone, but which device do you use more often to capture photos whenever you are out? The smartphone would more or less be the answer for most folks out there, and with ever increasing advancements made in the world of camera sensors for smartphones, you know that this trend is not going to slow down or stop anytime soon. Sometimes, however, you wished you had the chance to mount your smartphone somewhere to capture a particular shot of you and your better half from afar, and this is where something like the MobileMount+ device would come in handy.
It does not matter if you opt to shoot photos or want to follow your GPS functionality on your smartphone to a new and unfamiliar destination, or even to view movies on your tablet, the MobileMount+ is able to make all of that possible without tiring your hands out, as long as there is a flat surface in the vicnity.
The MobileMount+ is made up of a couple of suction cups and one threaded ball joint, where it can function as a camera mount in addition to being a car mount or a tabletop kickstand. When you connect the mount to a tripod or other camera accessory, you are able to unscrew the ball from the suction cup and hook it up to any camera accessory which supports 0.25” 20 threads. Both the ball and joint on the MobileMount+ will enable users to adjust the mount at an angle of your choice, making it ideal to capture the perfect shot.
When the MobileMount+ suction cups are screwed together, they will enable you to prop up your tablet on the countertop for easy tabletop viewing and use. It will also enable you to mount your device to your car window so that you can use it on the go. Expect the MobileMount+ camera to arrive this coming July 2013 assuming the Kickstarter project collects enough funding.
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