Outback Battery Heated Mittens


You know when the bitter chill of winter falls upon us, we would do our darndest best to keep warm. Wearing layers of clothing might help, and sometimes, it certainly pays dividends if you were to “invest” a little bit more by forking out more money for your choice of winter clothing, as the more expensive ones are lighter and thinner and yet display an amazing capability of keeping you nice and warm. Well, if you are part of the modern day technology revolution, you might be interested to hear of the £27.99 Outback Battery Heated Mittens, being the perfect winter accessory whenever you choose to brave the outdoors in winter.

The Outback Battery Heated Mittens work as advertised, sporting a battery pack inside each of the mittens, where they are heated up to 39 degrees Celsius with a single flick of the On/Off switch so that they can power up. The asking price is not too much either, and is certainly far less than the crazy money you pay for Arsenal’s season tickets and yet watch them perform dismally. I suffer when I say this, as I am a Gunner’s fan. But I digress – the Outback Battery Heated Mittens will be able to remain toasty for up to half a dozen hours with a quartet of AA batteries per mitten. I’d highly recommend rechargeable batteries to use with the Outback Battery Heated Mittens in the long run.

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