Kid-Friendly Kindle Environment

The Kindle has revolutionized the world of reading. Most of us probably had that “nah, I like the feel of a book” notion at some point. But we obviously got over it. Younger generations certainly take to e-reading easier than us old folks. Kids navigate like pros. It is scary to think that younger generations may know nothing but e-reading. Yet not many of us are opting to buy a full Kindle for the kids yet. If they could only share ours but have their own content.
Amazon just announced a new service to encourage kids to electronically read, while offering a great service to parents. Kindle FreeTime Unlimited offers a subscription service in which children get unlimited access to books, games, educational apps, movies and TV shows on a Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD  (and HD 8.9″ soon). Essentially it is the convenience of Amazon Prime Unlimited Instant Video. But it offers more than video and only offers content applicable to ages 3-8. No more parents having to guess what game the kids want to play. The voracious reader can keep reading with thousands of titles. If the kids get bored of the movie, no problem. Let them pick another! Profiles can be created for up to 6 children on one device, enabling their own personalized folder of content. Restrictions on types of content and usage time can also be set. And kids can’t log out of their own profile without the password. Pricing for the subscription is based on the number of children in the house. Amazon is offering a free one month trial to all Fire and Fire HD owners. It will come as a software update and users just log in before the middle of January to take advantage. Pricing for Prime members after the free trial is $2.99 a month for one child, $6.99 for up to six. Non-Prime users pay $4.99 for one child or $9.99 a month for up to six. So all you Kindle Fire users out there with kids using the device – let the kids have their own environment and access unlimited content with FreeTime Unlimited. And save yourself the headache of buying books, movies and the like and always have plenty of options.

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  1. I picked up a Kindle Fire HD recently and I’m really loving it. It was easy to understand and I love the interface. Here’s the one I have on Amazon If you’re looking for a tablet you should check it out, I think it’s very underrated.

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