ZAGGKeys PRO folio+ for your iPad

If you own an iPad and figured out that for the longest time, the main and only accessory that you need for Appleā€™s best selling tablet would be a keyboard accessory, perhaps it is time to check out the ZAGGKeys PRO folio+? First of all, bear in mind that the ZAGGKeys PRO folio+ is not exactly the newest kid on the block, but this rather slim portfolio case for your iPad will feature a built-in keyboard – just the thing you have been looking for all this while. After all, typing on a virtual screen without any kind of feedback that the virtual keys deliver can be quite disconcerting, especially for those of us who have spent the better part of our lives in front of a computer keyboard.
The ZAGGKeys PRO folio+ will not disappoint, as it delivers the clicky-click of keys whenever you are hacking away at that 100 page document. To make things classier, the ZAGGKeys PRO folio+ will also come with a magnetic closure in order to secure the iPad whenever you carry it around. Not only that, to add that touch of zest, the PRO folio+ boasts of an adjustable backlight with 7 colors, making it easy to recognize whenever you work in the dark, or need to pull it out from your bag in low light conditions. The asking price could purchase you another tablet of a different operating system persuasion, so I will leave it to you whether the $129.99 asking price is worth or not.
Product Page via The Geek Church