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Don’t you love getting old? Hair begins to gray or fall out, or both. You walk into a room and forget why. You lose your stuff – mind included on some days. OK, maybe not all of it is old age. Our busy society means little nuggets of information, previously thought of as important, may slip our minds. After all, you can eventually find the remote control or check outside to see if the dog was let out. But man, it would be nice to have a more reliable tool to help with these little quandaries or short term memory things.

SSI America, designers and makers of electronic automotive technology, want to prevent us from losing our minds. They far exceeded their goal on indiegogo and are going into production with Stick-N-Find – a Bluetooth low energy based locator sticker. Seriously, this falls into the ‘its about time’ category. Stick-N-Find is a US quarter sized electronic gadget. Stick it to anything you choose. Then download the app for iOS (iPhone 4S, 5; New iPad, Mini or Touch) or Android (in development, but will happen). Via Bluetooth the “stickers” are then tracked on the app up to 100 feet. Flip on the radar to see where your lost device is. Tap on the icon and enable the Stick-N-Find to beep or blink. The uses are really limitless. Stick them to your keys, pets, phones, tablets, headphones, remote controls, pets – anything you have a tendency to misplace!

That’s not all Stick-N-Find can do either. The Virtual Leash enables you to set an alert for a specific distance. When a Stick-N-Find gets beyond your distance you receive a message. Say you take the dog to the park but don’t want him going too far. Your phone will tell you when Fido strays. Conversely, another fun feature reverses the tether. When set up, the Find It function tells Stick-N-Find to beep or flash when in a certain range of the phone. Tasks like finding your luggage on the airport carousel become a no brainer! Recently announced – after achieving funding goal – is a new app too. StickNFind Task Launcher will now be able to control phone settings. Maybe you want your ringer to turn off when you go into your bedroom. Or maybe you want a specific song to play when you get into the car. No problem. StickNFind Task Launcher enables app and command control within the phone when in range of a “sticker.”

Now for more on the specs. The watch-type battery lasts for about a year and can be easily replaced. And the adhesive, though strong, enables you to move Stick-N-Find. The campaign does not close until mid-January on indiegogo. Get in on a two-pack Stick-N-Find for just $35 – a deal as retail for a two-pack is expected at $49.95. Larger options are available for bigger homes or offices too and investors receive theirs in March. So let your brain rest or worry about other stuff. Let Stick-N-Find remind you where things are in your life.

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Pat Says: December 13, 2012 at 10:41 am

I’ve said for years now that if we had some gadget to put on our children, if they go missing, we could find them. Question: is there technology to increase the range from 100 feet to perhaps miles. If we can track terrorists from satellites, why can’t we find our missing children? Seems like the technology is out there.

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