All your SNES games belong to us

It is always good to make sure that everyone has a hobby – simply because you love hobbies, and when you do something that you love, it does not feel as though you are “working” on it, but rather, time flies really fast while you are at it. I guess the best kind of careers to be involved in would be one that has your hobby worked right in, making money out of what piques your interest. Some folks collect books, others stamps, and while others look for rare coins from around the world. Kings of yore collected gold and wives, and the modern day rich man might see that starting a car collection is something worth looking into. How about collecting video games? That does sound rather nerdish, but it seems that an extremely well known collector in the video game community is putting up his SNES collection for sale – with a cool $20,000 asking price to boot!
Of course, he is open to other offers, and I am quite sure that he will be more than pleased as punch to accept anything higher. Heck, if I were him, I would have put it up for auction with $20,000 as the opening bid. The seller is known as “byuu”, and if he sounds familiar to you, that is because he is the brains behind the popular bsnes emulator. In an effort to ensure that every single ROM made available for the bsnes emulator will run perfectly, he has amassed the entire SNES game collection, taking three years to do so while delivering spot on accuracy for each cover scan. Selling off this collection after his task is complete is one way of recouping some of his losses.
Bear in mind that you would be getting every single licensed SNES game, which does not include unlicensed and promotional games. byuu figured out that his effort required around 2,000 hours of buying, scanning, and dumping the games, while taking another 60 hours to clean each one of the cartridges. The money that he recoups is meant to accumulate every single European and Japanese SNES game for a similar purpose, now is that dedication or what?