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Garmin has almost become a noun on its own – like Xerox or Kleenex. Everyone knows what they do. Rightfully so, they are good at it! Their car and handheld devices save many of us from going the wrong direction. But what about those of us that want to have hands free while hiking or doing anything outdoors? Garmin has got a solution for that too.

Meet the Garmin fēnix™ – the perfect outdoor GPS watch. Garmin describes it as a GPS navigator + ABC (Altimeter, Barometer & Compass). So yes, you get true Garmin navigation on your wrist including a GPS track log, ability to mark points like where you parked and ability to plan your trip and program it into the device using their BaseCamp™ program. What makes it unique is that fēnix is the first unit of its kind to incorporate this type of reliable Garmin GPS technology with ABC. The “a” (altimeter) will help you track elevation on ascent, decent or anytime. The “b” (barometer) shows you short term changes in the pressure – better to evaluate weather conditions. And the 3 axis “c” (compass obviously helps guide you to your destination.  Also included is a temperature sensor that is uniquely unaffected by body temperature. Like other Garmin performance watches you have lap and autolap functions and it can be synced with Garmin’s heart rate monitor. fēnix is available for $399.99 on Amazon.com among other places. So if you are a trail trekker, skiier, camper, geocacher or any outdoor fanatic the Garmin fēnix wants to be your wrist companion to get you out and back safely.

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