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Most of us would figure out that a microwave is, well, a microwave. After all, how many kinds of shapes and sizes can a humble microwave come in other than the standard issue rectangle? Apparently, more than that – if the designers want to get creative, that is. When talking about the Fagor Spoutnik microwave, we are looking at a space age design which will certainly send heads turning and tongues wagging whenever they take a peek into your kitchen. Why do we say so? Why, just take a look at the above image and you will know why for yourself!

Firstly, you can say that the most noticeable feature of the freestanding Spoutnik would be its transparent dome design, which paves the way for a 360-degree view of its interior. In this method, a user is able to observe the cooking process fully. Not only that, the dome that comes with it will also boast of a 28-cm (11-inch) turntable complete with grid lines, making it far easier to position the dish.

The Fagor Spoutnik will illuminate itself whenever the cooking process begins, changing from red whenever the dish starts to cook, and it goes all the way to blue when the dish is ready for eating. Just in case colors are not your cup of tea, things get even easier as the Spoutnik will also be able to emit an audible signal once the cooking has finished. Boasting a lever which paves the way for a smooth lifting of the dome that opens up to a 65-degree angle, this is one design that guarantees full access to the interior. Those who spend plenty of time in the kitchen would welcome this, especially since it makes life easier whenever you want to clean up the crusty residue within which is more often than not the result from microwave cooking.

You can pick up the Fagor Spoutnik for £179 a pop.

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Karen Says: August 14, 2015 at 1:19 pm

I am in Daytona Beach Florida and I would like to purchase one of these.

How would I go about it.

Thank YOu

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