James Bond Remote Controlled Stunt Car

So you have watched Skyfall, and came away even more impressed with Danie Craig’s performance as the grittiest Bond to date. Of course, the thrills and spills were there, and there was also a Judge Dredd moment in the movie, not to mention the demise of a major character, but what you really loved Bond for was his suaveness that snagged him many a lady, in addition to the hot rides that he has over the years which enabled him to make an impossible escape once too many times. Enter the $69.95 James Bond Remote Controlled Stunt Car that helps you script your own Bond adventure and living it out – in your imagination.
This radio controlled car will be able to reproduce similar evasive banking maneuvers that were executed by the iconic British Secret Service agent 007. It is a faithful replica of an Aston Martin DBS V12, which ended up as Mr. Bond’s preferred vehicle in the later installments of the famous espionage movie series (after BMW’s time was up, thankfully). This unique ride comes with a tiny wheel which extends from the right undercarriage at your command, allowing it to lift the right front and rear wheels off the ground so that you can evade obstacles according to your whim and fancy. There is another button on the remote that makes the entire car pop wheelies or shoot up a ramp when the need arises.