A Star Wars-Style Commitment


Face it –  that moment when we receive a proposal is one of the most important in our lives. Well at least one of the most memorable. And that ring stays with us day and night. It is truly the ultimate symbol and reminder of commitment. From what my husband said, the ring instantly expresses personality. The challenge becomes finding a personality that matches the recipient. So when you are ready to take the plunge it is important to take all of this into consideration. No pressure!

A tattoo artist from New Jersey decided to take the plunge and propose to his girlfriend. And he truly put it all together when thinking about the ring: eternal commitment, beauty, Star Wars. Wha? Yes, Joe Pagani used his girlfriend’s love of Star Wars as inspiration. With help from jewelry designer Paul Michael Bieker, Pagani got himself an R2-D2 inspired engagement ring. Included are diamonds and sapphires to make out R2’s white and blue coloring. The structure of the ring resembles the mechanical look of our favorite little droid. The sides even resemble his arms…or are they legs? Regardless it is truly a one-of-a-kind creation that expresses the brides personality and will live for eternity, but maybe not in a galaxy far far away. Oh, by the way – Joe proposed to Emily on Halloween and she said yes! Visit the designers blog for more pictures of the ring and the day.

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