R/C Water Cannon Helicopter

Big boys’ toys – these are the stuff that dreams of a starry eyed kid are made out of. Especially when one has already joined the workforce for a fair number of years, and have managed to stash away a little bit of dough. Well, if you have always wanted to purchase a remote controlled toy of your own but never got around to doing so, perhaps it is time to make things happen – with the new $39.99 R/C Water Cannon Helicopter. Yes sir, as its name suggests, the R/C Water Cannon Helicopter will not only hover around the air according to your whim and fancy, it will also carry with it a water reservoir that offers water blasting fun, now how about that?
You can juice up its battery thanks to a USB port, where counter rotating blades will deliver precision control. Definitely far more fun than a super soaker, and you can drive your cat nuts this time around (after it has done the same to you for countless times over the years, that is) by shooting at it strategically. Each purchase comes with a pair of spare tail blades, a couple of spare main blades, and a water injection tool set. It takes around an hour to fully charge it, and it will work within a range of 30 feet thereabouts barring any interference.