Njoy announces Njoy Kings electronic cigarette


For those of you who have always wanted to kick the smoking habit but did not manage to find the willpower to do so, here is something which you might want to check out from Njoy with their latest electronic cigarette offering that is simply called the Njoy Kings. Touted to offer “a real alternative to cigarettes”, I do wonder just how accurate that particular claim is considering how there has been a slew of electronic cigarettes in the past. Njoy Kings is said to offer the committed adult smoker an authentic look, feel, flavor and packaging of a traditional tobacco cigarette, but it will not be accompanied by all the negatives such as smoke, ash and cigarette smell.

In a nutshell, Njoy intends to deliver smokers with more of what they want, and of course, for their health and the health of others’ sake, less of what they don’t. There has been some creative ads in the past to help prevent folks from picking up the habit of smoking, but you do not see the tobacco industry reeling from lower sales in the long run. Even the thought of literally burning money has yet to deter those hooked on cigarettes, but perhaps the Njoy Kings might be able to turn the tide. Retailing for just $7.99, the Njoy Kings can be found in more than 30,000 convenience stores as well as nearly every major convenience chain.

Sporting a couple of nicotine levels of 4.5% and 3.0% by volume, it will come in traditional and menthol flavors, courtesy of Njoy’s award-winning Master Flavorist. Sporting a soft paper feel, squeezable tip and flip case packaging, this is truly an innovative shift in the e-cigarette industry.

Craig Weiss, President and CEO of Njoy, said, “Today’s launch of the NJOY Kings marks a major milestone for NJOY in our commitment to set the gold standard for the e-cigarette industry. This product is unlike any other e-cigarette on the market today offering the very first truly satisfying alternative to the tobacco cigarette. Industry analysts agree, the NJOY Kings e-cigarette is a game-changer within the tobacco category.” Anyone given it a go, and how do you find it so far?

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