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Archos GamePad announced


Archos has jumped aboard the mobile gaming bandwagon with their latest release, calling it the Archos GamePad. Well, this is the first dedicated mobile gaming device from Archos which runs on the Android operating system, but as to whether it is capable of challenging the Nintendo 3DS, let alone the Sony PS Vita or aged Sony PSP remains to be seen. After all, having fantastic hardware is nothing if you do not have the kind of software to go along with it, and let’s face it – the Android operating system is not exactly a hotbed for game developers to hang around and play in. Perhaps the GamePad could be a catalyst of something bigger down the road, who knows? Still, the Archos GamePad is a beauty to look at.

 Just what kind of features does the Archos GamePad bring to the table? Well, it is a new kind of revolutionary tablet (or at least, it hopes to be) that will merge physical gaming button controls alongside an Archos patented mapping tool, not to mention a full Android-powered tablet experience to boot. You get physical buttons and analog thumb-sticks, as well as the unique mapping software thrown into the mix which enables you to link the virtual controls of any game to physical controls.

It will run off Android 4.1 Jelly Bean as the operating system of choice, but this does not mean it will not be on the receiving end of an operating system update sometime down the road. Not only that, you will be able to gain full access to Google Play and Google Mobile Services, and if you are interested, you can pick up the Archos GamePad for €149.99 in Europe at the moment (hello, Christmas!), while folks living in the US and Canada will have to play the patience card, missing out on a Christmas release as the Archos GamePad is tipped for a rollout in that region sometime in the first quarter of next year.

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