Ultimate Retro Table


We laugh when we think about floppy disks now. Yet they were a lifesaver back in the day. And the 3.5” introduced that sweet plastic cover and metal slider thing which meant you could throw them in your backpack or wherever. Ahhh, the good ol’ days. But how will future generations ever know the technologies that preceded them? Guess we need to remind them.

Two Berlin-based artists want us to commemorate our computing roots. They sought inspiration for a table from our beloved 3.5″ floppy friends. Neulant van Exel design firm have launched their Floppy Table. Made from hot-rolled steel and stainless steel the unit provides a unique, sturdy and retro statement. The 28” x 18” x 26” (w d h) table contains detail we all remember like insertion arrows and a movable, metal shutter complete with a storage space inside. Each unit is laser marked with a serial number for authenticity too. This trip down memory lane will cost you $930 (before shipping). The product website gives few details but email them if interested or learn more on their Facebook page. For the right user – you know who you are – and the right home I am sure the memories will eclipse any cost. So if you miss the days of floppies there is only one coffee table for you!


Thanks: Digital Trends

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