Get Ready for the Slopes

Raise your hand if you will hit the slopes this season! Whether a weekend warrior or just a holiday skier I’m guessing you are checking the snow reports daily. But one thing that always makes me chuckle is the fact that skiing is a mega-aerobic activity. Yet we all think we can just get out there and go for it and be as good as we used to be or as the pros around us. Stop! If you intend to ski soon, you need to be getting in shape and familiarizing yourself with the ‘sweet spot’ – that centered balance point optimum for best performance.
So get out your ski boots and get yourself a pair of SKiA Sweetspot Ski Trainers. Simply strap your boots into the trainers. Add 1 of 4 sets of balance blocks – green for beginners, blue and red for intermediates and black for experts – and get into your boots. On dry land or in the snow get into your stance. The objective is to balance. You will quickly determine if, in fact, you are properly centered.  If you can’t crouch in your stance you have some muscles to train. If you can balance then step it up by switching to more narrow blocks. In addition to basic stance, SKiA helps muscle memory with steering movements too – whether by rotation or edging. Not to worry, you are not totally alone either. Every order includes trainer exercises plus additional drills to do on the slopes. A pair of the SKiA Sweetspot Ski Trainers runs $72.50 (£45, $72AUD or $92 NZD) on the SKiA website and fit adult ski boot sizes. So before you hit the slopes this year ensure that you won’t be yard sale guy or gal. Get your balance in check. You will enjoy the results!

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