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Have you ever been into a bar where the bartender is part customer server, part entertainment? You certainly remember the locations with behind-the-bar antics. Usually it involves bottles and colorful drinks, flips and turns. But what about us beer and ale drinkers in the world? How do we get entertainment? Popping a top sure seems mellow in comparison to flipping bottles.

BBbarfly, devised by a former bartender and an engineer, adds a little pizzazz to the art of serving and drinking beer.  As any bartender or ‘beertender’ will attest the sheer volume of beers opened require a reliable tool. And you need a tool the professionals count on. Sure it is a bottle opener. But open it up and take a look. The high quality stainless steel means you can open hoards of bottles. Comfortably too as the cover becomes a sturdy handle. BBbarfly is designed for optimum weight distribution during the opening process. Patterned after a butterfly knife the BBbarfly folds down to less than 5.5” – perfect for a pocket or drawer. Units start at just $25 on BBbarfly website.  You can select from 10 colors and over 150 designs. Or mix and match. Or make your own! Contact BBbarfly and they can look into customizing a unit or units for you. What a great way to keep your company’s name out there.

The specs are just half the fun of BBbarfly though. What you do with the unit makes it all worth it. BBbarfly creates Trick Tutorials for your device – new entertaining moves to open, close, flip, spin and amuse  Hop on their website to learn tricks like the John Wayne or the Kickback or my personal favorite, the Transformer. You finally have a chance to perfect those butterfly knife tricks – without the blade! Tricks continue to multiply as BBbarfly users submit content to the Flair Beertending section of the site too. And if that is not enough, add some style with a belt holster for $15.

So for a fun approach to opening bottles check out BBbarfly for you or the beer drinker on your list. These bottle gadgets prove to make the task of de-capping a beer bottle easy, fun and entertaining.

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