The Aesthetician’s Ultrasonic Hand Moisturizer


Let’s face the facts – no one likes having dry skin, and you can more or less say that this is anathema to those who are of the female gender. After all, dry skin looks ugly, and when the condition gets really bad, you start to itch all over the affected area. Well, perhaps it is time to slap on plenty of moisturizer, but that can end up being extremely expensive in the long run, so why not settle for something that is slightly different, albeit it might cost you a wee bit more as an initial investment? I am referring to the $149.95 Aesthetician’s Ultrasonic Hand Moisturizer, which is an at-home hand moisturizer that relies on similar technology which professional aestheticians use to rejuvenate dry, chapped skin.

It will make use of distilled or fresh tap water (your choice), where the moisturizer’s ultrasonic transducer will get to work by emitting an oxygenated warm or cool hydrating mist that is seven times smaller compared to water droplets, penetrating deep into moisture-starved skin, ensuring that your hands remain smooth and supple along the way. All you need to do is insert your hands into the front of the unit, and the moisturizer will get to work immediately, where control knobs let you adjust mist output and temperature from about 62° F to 92 F° in a precise manner.

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