Quick and Easy Kid Gift: Mattel Apptivity™


You can’t get the kids away from the iPad can you? They do have a tendency to get into it sometimes, and you wonder the future of your iPad’s health. Those little fingers tend to beat on the screen when they get engrossed in a game. And the more the kids know the characters or topics of the games the longer they seem to enjoy it.  So as the hours count down towards the holidays and your panic sets in of “do I have enough for the kids” and “what about my niece and nephew” look to a toy leader – and their latest innovation – to help fill stockings.

This year Mattel launched their Apptivity™ line of apps and applicable products. The products are essentially game controllers in the shape of a character or car. Once the game app is downloaded the product syncs with the pad and becomes the controller.  Mattel builds them with screen-safe plastic, so you know your pad is safe. Currently compatible with iPad®, iPad2® and the new iPad® (iPhone® or iPod touch® on select games) – Apptivity let’s kids play games in a whole new way.

Two of the top games available this holiday time are currently on massive sale. So get in and take advantage! Batman the Dark Knight Rises, currently $3.35, was themed from the summer box office hit. The interchangeable weapons and gear enables you to fight crime and chase the bad guys in Gotham. And four different Hot Wheels, like the $7.99 Power Rev, let you master the Hot Wheels Test Facility. With inexpensive options like these you know the kids will be entertained, and your iPad is theoretically safe from being beaten up.

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