Police Officer’s Electric Chariot


Back in the day where the police were called “Bobbies” in London, you could say they went about the public, helping to maintain order and peace while bringing the bad guys to task with the help of chariots that were drawn by horses. After all, it is far faster than foot, and who knows what the bad guys have in terms of their transport – they could jolly well have a carriage of their own. Well, fast forward to this day and we have the police force being updated to keep up with the times, where you can spot them riding around on the $8,900 Police Officer’s Electric Chariot, assuming the police department’s budget allows for such an expenditure.

Police on Segways would be another way to describe the Police Officer’s Electric Chariot, but I suppose doing so would infringe on some naming copyrights. The Police Officer’s Electric Chariot is an electric personal transport vehicle that can be used by police and military personnel who are on their patrols. This is a zero emission chariot, and it is powered by a couple of lithium batteries for up to 25 miles per full charge (depending on the speed as well, of course). The DC motor will push along the vehicle and the officer at 5-, 8-, 10-, 12-, or 20-mph, while its front-wheel drive and 10:1 gear ratio delivers adequate power for climbing up to 22° inclines. It takes up to four hours for a full recharge.

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Phoghat Says: December 5, 2012 at 6:35 am

The police use these in Mexico where I live.

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