$$$eriou$ Cinema

They say that home theater rooms are becoming a necessity in large homes. Whether in use or not, the space to have a theater/media room is something sought after in huge domiciles. Makes sense. We all enjoy sitting in the comfort of our home– no matter the size – and taking in a flick. Many of us line up to get some of the hot releases the day they come out on video. But what if you had the money and were able to get first run movies in the comfort of your own luxurious home theater? Yep, you can.
The PRIMA Cinema system is the perfect companion for high-end home theaters. PRIMA’s focus is on new Theatrical releases. Yes, you pay for it – with PRIMA reportedly running $35,000. Minor in comparison to the entire luxury home theater investment however.  This media room must provides a rack-mountable PRIMA Cinema Player and Biometric Reader. Via broadband, members automatically receive and can watch (for $500 per) films on opening weekend. Connect to the system via HDMI and output 1080p and 24fps, 3D when necessary plus lossless PCM or Dolby TrueHD. Movies are also displayed in the master aspect ratio for the true theatrical experience. And the biometric security protection ensures there’s no errant orders too. At $500 a pop I would hope there is protection. Having been designed at BMW DesignWorksUSA you know it looks the sleek, sexy part. I’m willing to bet the big movie moguls have PRIMA Cinema in their homes. Because when you have the money why not?