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They say that there is an app for just about anything when it comes to the iPhone, and I am inclined to agree with that particular statement – at least up to a certain point, of course. There might be an app for most things, but not everything – yet. I guess we are slowly but surely reaching the Holy Grail, although that would be some time away soon in this fast paced life that we live in. Well, just in case you were wondering whether it is possible at all to have some sort of laser tag experience, the $59.99 AppTag Smartphone Laser Tag would come in handy here, where you can indulge in single, multi- or team play, depending on whether you feel sociable at this point in time or not.

Boasting a wide range of augmented reality games for you to choose from, the AppTag Smartphone Laser Tag will be compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. All you need to do is make sure the smartphone of yours is connected to the Hex3 AppTag attachment, and you are able to get started on your laser tag activity right next to reality itself. It does not matter where you indulge, in the bedroom, in a living room, on your roof, the limit of the Hex3 AppTag’s gaming potential really depends on your imagination (and safety of the place where you decide to conduct some Laser Tag goodness, of course). Scores are kept via Wi-Fi.

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