Acase Black Diamond III Bluetooth speaker


Are you a firm believer that not all speakers are created equal? I certainly am one who falls under that particular camp, but one ought to realize that sometimes, it seems as though those high end speakers do not seem to be worth the whole lot of money that you paid for. Some call it diminishing returns, others say that this is just paying just money for all the research and development that has gone into the manufacturing and creation of the speaker itself. Well, today we will not touch on anything that will burn holes in your wallet or bank account, but will instead zoom in on the Acase Black Diamond III compact USB powered Bluetooth speaker which is said to be able to mesmerize everyone around with heart pumping music and a rhythm rocking vibrant lightshow.

Specially designed to be subtle in nature, it will yet retain the qualities that make it an elegant centerpiece on any shelf or desk. The Acase Black Diamond III will transform itself into a glowing crystal with interchanging colors whenever it is powered. Playing nice with the slew of Bluetooth devices while being outfitted with an audio plug, the Acase Black Diamond III can be converted into a programmable multi-color disco orb should you want to spice things up in your home without having to live with a gaudy looking shiny disco ball.

Each Black Diamond III Bluetooth speaker will be accompanied by a remote control that enables you to easily adjust volume, lighting effects, brightness and colors, while it carries an inner storage chamber to stash away the remote control, allowing it to be interconnected to create the ultimate sound and mood experience.

Touted to be the first portable Bluetooth speaker that can mimic music beats and rhythms via colors and movement, you can pick up the Acase Black Diamond III for $120 a pop.

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