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Staying fit and living healthy mean different things to different people. You probably have a runner in your office. They measure their weeks based on how many miles they get in. Or maybe your neighbor swears by getting 8 hours of sleep a night. Then again there is your brother. His idea of staying fit is getting off the couch to answer the door when the pizza delivery guy arrives. No one fitness solution is good for everyone. But if you want to get more fit you need to do more than you are currently doing. Some smart folks at Basis realized this fact and designed a fitness companion that will evaluate you against yourself and help you set and achieve realistic goals.

Basis wants to inject healthy habits – not just fitness – into our busy lives. By changing habits for the better you gain a better quality of life. So whether it is the calories you burn, the steps you take or the sleep you get – improvement pays off for your health. The Basis unit straps on like a watch. Lightweight and stylish looking and with changeable straps, it can fit into your daily activities. The key to the gadget is the sensors on the back side which capture heart rate patterns (day or night; during exercise or rest), activity level (steps, sleep), changes in sweat levels (workout intensity), and skin temperature (exertion levels). All of this tracking can then be uploaded via USB connection to your online Basis dashboard where sleep and activity metrics are kept and patterns can be detected. Give Basis a week or so to measure your existing habits and then go for the goals Basis can set for you based on level of activity you target. Maybe you need to step up existing workouts. Or maybe you want to do something as simple as increase your average sleep per night. No problem. Basis can track it all. And unlike many other devices on the market – the built in pulse monitor and perspiration monitor will make your stats even more accurate without need for a separate device.

Basis, $199, has become so popular they are currently on back order. But you can sign up on the Basis website to receive information when stock is available. So whether for you or someone on a gift list, change habits rather than just monitoring stats. Let Basis get to know about your current lifestyle and let the realistic and achievable goals help you get healthy.

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