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Remember your first router? Oooohhhh, aaaaah. You were the coolest on your block because you could wire CAT-5 allover in order to hookup more than one computer to your whopping 512kbps Internet speed. And then the whole wireless thing happened (thank goodness). Now routers have become so plug and play that my 80 year old neighbor connected his with no problems. Though I’m not sure how many signal poachers he may have. So what happens next? Routers hold a ton of valuable information. D-Link wants you to access it – from anywhere.

The D-Link DIR-605L gives you everything you would expect from a leader in networking technology, plus remote access. The unit provides perfect coverage for medium to large sized homes, with up to 300Mbps and WPS. N standard means it will be backwards compatible and you still have 4 ports if needed. The unique thing about the 605L is that when setup, you get access to your own cloud control which continuously tracks the activities of your router. Add the free D-Link app for iPad, iPhone or Android to your device and you can remotely tap into the activities. View browsing history of whoever may be home while you are at work. The kids will think you have a spy in the house! Nervous about who is using the network while away?  Check which devices are connected to the network anytime or even receive email alerts when unwanted devices attempt to log on. The D-Link Wizard means setup is as easy as you would expect. Right now you can even get a unit at a $39.99 promo price on D-Link’s site (normally $59.99).  So if you ever have nerves about network usage and browsing when you are away the D-Link DIR-605L router can provide invaluable peace of mind and the router technology you need.

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