Theremin Mini Kit

If you feel that you have some kind of talent when it comes to assembling DIY kits, even more so electronic ones, then you would surely be able to identify with the $39.99 Theremin Mini Kit – perhaps even drool over it, no? Well, what can we say more about the Theremin Mini Kit other than what has already been shared? The Theremin Mini Kit is an easy-to-assemble, entry-level Theremin kit, where it will come with a magazine as well as plenty of additional images. The thing is, you had best get down and dirty with your Japanese, otherwise deciphering whatever is printed there is going to drive you nuts, even with Google Translate.
You can say that the Theremin Mini Kit is a magical mix of science and art, where the former is used to secure the perfect tone, while the latter is to ensure that said tone is more than capable of moving that stone cold heart of yours. Mix that formula with some instruments and magic, and you have something quite unlike any other. For folks who have always wanted to play the Theremin, the Theremin Mini Kit is the ideal entry-level kit. Thinkgeek claims that it is extremely easy to assemble, although mastering it is another story altogether.