Beverly Hills Caviar installs high end vending machines


When it comes to food and drink from a vending machine (there are vending machines that cough up iPods and other kinds of consumer electronics, but that is a different story for another day), these tend to be more on the budget-friendly side. Well, perhaps it is time to kick things up a notch – and thanks to the efforts of gourmet food supplier, Beverly Hills Caviar, they managed to install a set of vending machines in certain Los Angeles malls which will be able to serve up fresh caviar, escargot, and other kinds of exotic foodstuff. Needless to say, the name Beverly Hills itself smells of bling, so it is not unexpected to find some of the goods in these freshly minted vending machines to cost you as much as $500.

Just to get a little bit of context, Beverly Hills Caviar is a business that delivers luxury cuisine around the world, where they operate one by-appointment-only specialty store, so the move to use a vending machine in order to distribute expensive food within a mall does not seem to be in character with such a company at all. Well, Beverly Hills Caviar thinks otherwise, as they see such vending machines to be the ideal tool to make its products far more accessible to its usual range of clients in addition to the general public.

These vending machines will come with more than 24 varieties of caviar which is carefully sourced from around the world, where they will range from the $30/oz American Black Caviar to the Imperial River Beluga, which will cost you a wallet burning $500 per ounce. Not only that, you can also pick from a slew of other gourmet foods and cooking ingredients, where among them include escargot, black truffles, white truffle oil, blinis, bottarga, and premium salts. Heck, there is even a vegan type of caviar which is made up of seaweed and a red salmon caviar which was carefully made just for our four legged friends – dogs and cats. Just to make sure you do not end up eating fine caviar with a plastic fork, the machine does dispense mother of pearl spoons and dishes – at a fine price too, of course.


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