Laser Chase Toy

You can say that owning a cat as a pet is better than a dog sometimes, especially when you do a whole lot of traveling around as a cat needs not be doted upon like a dog for its needs – even more so if you are living in an apartment. Of course, a cat returns different kinds of joys than a dog, but it sure as heck cannot play a game of Fetch with you. Well, pets do get bored especially when their masters are not around, so to keep them entertained, turning on the TV with endless reruns of sitcoms or Animal Planet would not do. How about considering the $39.95 Laser Chase Toy instead?
The Laser Chase Toy will be able to automatically project a couple of laser dots which dart across a floor in different, unpredictable patterns. This would definitely do its bit to incite a pair of pets to engage in perpetual play, which is an interesting method of bringing both a cat and a dog together – even better yet if they are still a kitten and a puppy. The lasers that emit from this machine are capable of turning rapidly, stop unexpectedly, and race in opposite directions – definitely helping trigger a dog or cat’s instinctual attraction to quickly moving objects. There are also four speed settings which can be set to tempt pets, and a trio of AA batteries can power this laser toy for up to 15 hours.