R/C UFO Ball Copter

I am quite sure that folks who live near Roswell or Area 51 would have had their fair share of run ins with UFOs in the past, so much so that these have ended up being “normal” to them that the sight of a UFO no longer piques their interest as life goes on. Well, for there rest of the conspiracy theorists out there, perhaps the $39.99 R/C UFO Ball Copter might be just the thing to revitalize that flagging spirit of yours when it comes to having something that keeps you going on.
The R/C UFO Ball Copter is ideal to scare not only the neighbors but kids as well, where it sports LED lights for that added touch of alien-inspired night flights. Of course, do expect plenty of grainy images starting to appear in the local papers as well as Facebook accounts and Instagram posts when you start taking out this bad boy for a spin – it is a given. Sporting an advanced intelligent balance system and all round 3 channel control, the R/C UFO Ball Copter will be powered by half a dozen AA batteries, and will not carry the threat of an anal probe, either.