Perfect Gift for the Racer in your life: Go faster with Race Capture Pro!

Autosport Labs has done it again: The makers of the Megajolt Ignition System just launched their latest project on Indiegogo: Race Capture Pro! Learn to race faster- Race Capture provides pro-level race car data and real-time telemetry at a breakthrough price.

Packing over 25 channels of sensor data this affordable and powerful data system also features user-customizable outputs to control fans, lights, active aero and more. Unique to this market, the hardware and software are open-source and Autosport Labs allows the customers to determine what they want to log and control as they desire. With 10Hz GPS, precision accelerometer and yaw sensor built in, it will support the addition of real-time telemetry as an affordable option, allowing users to share racing exploits live on the web with their soon to be launched site. All in a compact, rugged enclosure you’d be proud to show off.
Check out their Indiegogo project!

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