Mujjo unveils next generation touchscreen gloves


For those of you who live in places where there are four seasons, you know that winter is a time of merriment for some, while others hate wearing layer upon layer of clothes, in addition to having to deal with taking off that glove each time you have to type out a reply to a text message, perhaps this is why there is a growing support for voice input that translates speech into text. Well, perhaps there is an alternative material which could be used to fashion gloves that are friendly for touchscreen display use, and Mujjo’s got your back this time around with a pair of next generation touchscreen gloves. Basically, you are able to make use of your touchscreen without taking off your gloves, now how about that?

Based in the Netherlands, Mujjo, an online start-up who has quite a spin on high-tech conductive gloves, and it enables the wearer to “use all fingertips, knuckles and even the heel or the palm of the hand”. Basically, it does not matter now when you put on the Mujjo, as you will then be able to operate a touchscreen device. In previous seasons, touchscreen winter gloves have always enabled the wearer to operate screens with just a single one or two fingers from each hand. Mujjo’s spanking new touchscreen gloves will be able to provide the wearer with additional options for use, as all the entire areas of the glove are now usable.

It does not matter if you are using a Nokia Lumia, an iPhone, a HTC, LG or Samsung smartphone, the Mujjo gloves would still work with it. Mujjo’s touchscreen compatible winter gloves will play nice with all of the other capacitive touchscreen devices, and how does this magic work? Mujjo gloves were made out of high-quality silver-coated nylon fibers that have been knitted into the fabric of the glove. This particular silver-coated nylon fibers enable the gloves to be conductive and logically speaking, are touchscreen compatible!

You can pick up the Mujjo Touchscreen gloves for €24.95 per pair, and they arrive in a couple of unisex sizes – Small/Medium and Medium/Large, where regardless of the size, they are made of stretchable fibre.

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