Customizable, Sustainable and Stylish 7” Cases


Tablet cases are everywher these days.  Then again tablets have become a mainstay. They are so common they become an extension of ourselves. So the quest becomes how do you make your device match your personality. Unique design and features are key. And a US based company seems to have found a perfect solution to making a statement with your tablet case.

Treegloo, a design group making cases for nexus 7, iPad Mini and iPad (gen 2-4), caters to the desire for individuals and corporations to let their tablet case reflect them with sort of a troika of uniqueness. First of all they take their inspiration from architecture – sleek and and artistic yet functional to protect your pad. Sure they have the standard built-in stand and access to buttons/connections but with a much more stylish look. A second unique feature is that Treegloo only produces their cases with FSC Certified and eco-friendly materials.  Yep, everything from the adhesives to shipping materials. The third factor making Treegloo product stand out is the fact that cases can be customized. Finishes, cover colors and latches can all be made to suit you because they are all hand made.  Choose from 8 wooden frame finishes, 10 cover colors, 4 latch types, 2 liner types and over 20 liner colors or prints.  Two styles are available too – the classic design or the slimmer Streamliner. You can design your own case at  for as little as $29.95 for nexus 7 and $34.95 for iPad mini. Note that their production queue for iPad is already full for the holiday season – but you can still build one for later delivery. In a world where we all strive to be unique – let your tablet friend help express your personality in an eco-friendly and stylish case!


Thanks: PC Mag

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