Teach Yourself Like the Pros Do

Challenges always exist when improving the golf game. Take a lesson from a pro and they will tell you something different than the previous guy did. Invest in a new driver, said to give you more distance, only to realize your lack of swing talent will prevent it. Heck, even tour pros have issues. Eyeline Golf creates training tools to help golfers of any ability. Their product lineup helps golfers focus on putting and swing with everything from aids to books and videos and has been featured in Golf Digest, Golf Magazine and the Golf Channel among others.  Here are a couple we think could help your game – or the game of someone on your shopping list.
Getting the right putting stroke down can make a massive difference. Those bogeys turn to pars…or even birdies when you and your putter are in sync. The Edge Putting Rail, $59.95,  provides a 70° lie angle – that of most putters – to help with muscle memory. Line up your ball and putter, follow the Edge on your backswing and follow through to maintain the same plane and squarely strike the ball. Check your measurements with the markings on the Edge too. Claimed as “…the most popular plane angle…” let the Edge help you perfect your putting setup, path and speed whether practicing indoors or out.
Another Eyeline device to check out is the 360° Mirror. Place the convex gadget in a number of different positions to provide yourself instant feedback. Put it in front of you at address and see the full stroke, from club head top of your backswing. Put beneath your hands to confirm stance. Or combine it with the Edge to really view your putting. Any golfer wanting to be in touch with their setup and movements should have a 360° Mirror, also $59.95.
So whether you are the golfer or you have one in your life, help the game without giving advice! Get Eyeline aids to bring scores down and they will thank you or you will thank yourself.