Korg MicroStation redefines creative songwriting process


If you are a songwriter who is stuck in a rut at this point in time, and need some sort of external stimuli or inspiration, then you might be interested to check out the new Korg MicroStation which is said to be able to re-define the entire creative songwriting process. Just what kind of features do you think that the new MicroStation is capable of delivering? Well, it might come in a small form factor, but it will definitely be unable to burn a huge hole in your pocket, as it will have an even smaller price. Not only that, the MicroStation itself will also be accompanied by additional benefits such as being a songwriting tool, thanks to its quick and intuitive onboard sequencer for recording. Beginners will find it to be an ideal platform as a live keyboard, while guitar players are able to look at it easily, laying down some drum tracks along the way.

The Korg MicroStation itself will be plugged into your laptop or tablet without missing a beat, where you will then be able to enjoy a top-notch personal music tool which Korg claims to be very different from the other tools in the market. When something is compact, it is naturally portable, and so we bring you word that the MicroStation will feature Korg’s 61-key Natural Touch mini keyboard, a bunch of other effects, dual arpeggiators and 16 tracks of MIDI recording power which are more than capable of transforming musical ideas into polished productions.

Being the ideal first keyboard, the Korg MicroStation is also a welcome addition to any studio or home. In order to offer more benefits to novice sequencer users, the bunch of new features such as easily accessible Loop Recording and Visual Grid Sequencing have been thrown into the mix to jump-start any type of music production, never mind if you have no idea on just where to start. Thanks to its 61-key Natural Touch Mini-Keyboard, it is easy to play, and the proportion of the black keys and white keys has been adjusted accordingly, ensuring that the chords are comfortable to play, while the entire feel was designed to allow rapid phrases to be performed with ease.

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